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Paula's Pet Care Services
FREE Consultation

Prior to my 1st visit, I will meet with you and your pets so that we can get to know each other. We can discuss your pets needs and decide which services best suits your requirements. All necessary paper work will be filled in and signed.


I provide regular/occasional dog walks for all breeds of dogs. This service is ideal for dog owners who work long hours, also for elderly or disabled dog owners who keep dogs for companionship but may not be mobile enough to exercise them as often or as intensely as needed. 

As a professional dog walker, walking dogs on behalf of their owners is a responsibility and honour that has been entrusted with me. There are incidents which can occur, the majority of which are preventable and containable by staying within certain guidelines ensuring safety for your dog, my self and the public at all times.

I offer a one to one walk for nervous, sensitive, reactive and unsociable dogs …… assessing their behaviour, gaining their trust and building up their confidence before slowly introducing them into a group.

I encourage dogs to socialise within a group, walking no more than 4 dogs at any one time , dogs are only let off lead with written consent from the owner and only then if the dog has good recall.


I provide day care for dogs  from a few hours a day to a full day . I take dogs out with me on my regular walks where they can socialise with other dogs and get plenty of fresh air and exercise. 


I provide a dog sitting service where your beloved dogs stay in the comfort of their own home while you are away for a length of time. . . . . . . . FROM a few hours, to a few days or even weeks while you are on holiday.This is beneficial to your dog as they can stay in their own environment reducing stress and disease. I will stay with your dog in your own home ensuring minimal disruption to their daily routine, this service is an excellent alternative to kennels  offering personalized attention during your absence.


I provide  a dog sitting service for those who like to bring their dogs on holiday but are not able to take their dogs with them on days out or  if your need and evening out on your own. In most holiday accommodations / hotels dogs are not allowed to be left on their own, so you can bring your dogs on holiday knowing they are safely taken care of. 


I also provide a pop in service for the smaller animals in your life .. cats / parrots / reptiles rabbits/ guinea pigs ect .. so they are able to stay in the comfort of their own homes with out any disruption to their regular feeding / cleaning routine.